HU12 ONLINE aims to bring you local news, views and opinions. These stories will be from and about communities in the HU12 postal code area.

So where are HU12 communities…? They range from Burstwick, to Winestead including…

Burton PidseaEasingtonElstronwickHalshamHedonKeyinghamKilnseaLelley

Old Hall, Ottringham, Owstwick, PatringtonPaullPrestonRoos, RyehillSaltend, SkefflingSunk Island

ThorngumbaldTunstall, Wadworth Hill, WeetonWelwick

But of course we aim to learn from other areas as well, so we will share such useful information when there is a clear benefit for doing so.

We aim to raise the issues and debates that just might prompt people to act and get involved and help make a difference in the area. We therefore welcome material from (and about) our local community and voluntary sector groups; our business networks; and those who politically represent us in the HU12 area.

We aim to improve and expand our reporting of local news – and trust that local companies and organisations will take advantage of our inexpensive advertising offers in order to help finance that development.

HU12 is also able to help local groups with developing their internet presence including help with publishing their first website and setting up on Facebook and Twitter.


THE PERSON behind HU12 Online is Ray Duffill who is a former community development manager but now describes himself as a beat-blogger or citizen-journalist. Ray lives in Hedon and also edits the Hedon Blog (photo by Neil Holmes).

Ray says: “HU12 Online is a new ‘hyperlocal’ news agency. It’s niche role is to provide news and information about the place you live and work. It’s about digging-out the issues that matter to you in your local area, and sharing those with a wider audience.

HU12 will aim to get the majority of its material from the people who live and work in the area. Your issues – the things that interest you, outrage you, surprise you, and make you laugh and cry – should fill our pages.”

Contact hu12@gmx.com

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