Paull Enterprise Site – proposal plans revealed!

A PLANNING MAP of the Paull Enterprise Site, part of the Humber Enterprise Zone development, has been published on the Paull Village Hall website.

The plan, showing the proposed development areas for the site, includes the proposed location of new rail and road links.

Paull Enterprise Site

From Paull Village Hall website:

Development Zone 1 is where the tubes for the turbines will be manufactured

Development Zone 2 is where the blades for the turbines will be manufactured

Development Zone 3 is where the heads for the turbines will be manufactured

The black dotted line shows the new rail link to the site and the red dotted line the new dock road link to the site

The existing road bridge will be replaced and the site will operate 24 hours X 7 days per week.

The Humber Enterprise Zone developments, particularly the Siemens Wind Turbine manufacturing plant at Alexandra Dock in Hull, have been generally welcomed. However, this latest local plan will certainly draw attention to how close the developments will be coming to Paull!

HU12 Online comments: A suggestion was made on Twitter exactly one-year ago on 6th September 2011 by local lecturer James Baron, that a working group be established to ensure that the area would be in the best possible position to grasp any opportunities available through the Enterprise Zone. A working group would have been better informed as to plans and proposals, and could have helped ensure that local communities and businesses benefit, and that any negative impacts were minimised.

Perhaps more people should have listened to James? Perhaps there is still time to facilitate this local influence? 


Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. Good to see the plans leave a wildlife buffer, which clearly includes the existing public footpath by the side of Hedon Haven. With a new road and a new rail line crossing the footpath, though, do we know what plans are to ensure that people using the footpath can do so safely? Will there be a level crossing, underpass or bridge?

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