Operation Lilly – Crackdown on Shoplifting

HUMBERSIDE POLICE have launched Operation Lilly to target prolific shop theft offenders in the East Riding.

In July 2012 detectives have been collecting information on approximately 110 shop theft offences which have previously been classed as undetected. During the course of Operation Lilly 40 suspects are expected to be arrested in the high-profile campaign.

Detective Sergeant Mark Ormiston said: “Theft from shops is an offence that the police take very seriously. It is estimated shop lifting costs each tax payer in the UK nearly £200 each year. Therefore it is in everyone’s interest to reduce shop lifting.”

In the South West Holderness area there were 36 shop thefts last year and 28 such incidents in South East Holderness.

Despite identifying 40 suspects the Police still need the assistance of the public to help name people seen in CCTV images. The CCTV images are from stores across the East Riding but police believe the alleged criminals may not necessarily reside in the areas they steal from.

Detective Ormiston says that Phase two of Operation Lilly will be the arrest phase and advises suspects to hand themselves in: “Despite identifying a large majority already, I need the assistance of the public to help my team in naming the people seen in the CCTV images released.

We would like to speak to the people shown in the CCTV images, who may be able to assist us with investigating these offences. Phase two of Operation Lilly will start shortly, which will be the arrest phase.

I would advise anyone who has recently committed a shop theft; under this operation, we are focusing on you, save yourself the worry and hand yourself in, likewise if you see yourself in the paper, you know we are coming after you, save yourself the heartache and hand yourself in, or else you may find us arresting you at work, at home in front of your family and so on.”

Operation Lilly is also supported by the major supermarkets and local businesses. Each store will be issued a list of images, should they recognise one of the alleged suspects entering their store, to call the police immediately. A poster has been created and will be placed in key areas in each store to show their support.

If anyone recognises any of the people featured in the images, please ring Humberside Police on 101, quoting ‘Operation Lilly’ and the crime reference number associated with each image:

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Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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