Preston Walkers party

Walkers celebrate Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS Party time and people take hundreds of photos of the festive frolics. We took these at the Preston Walkers Christmas Party on Wednesday at the Haven Arms in Hedon…

Crib scene eggs Songbirds

Crib Scenes Celebrate Christmas in Preston

PRESTON Methodist Chapel has a collection of model nativity scenes on display as part of their ‘Celebration of Christmas’ including this one by children at Songbirds Day Nursery and Kids Club made from eggs!

Parish Transport Review

Parishes to conduct local transport need surveys

LOCAL parish councils in Hedon, Preston and Thorngumbald are to conduct local surveys to assess where gaps exist in local public transport provision. The findings of the surveys will be used to identify transport needs of local communities; and where these are not being met, whether new services can be provided and/or existing services improved to meet these needs…