Vote Leave Campaigners in Hedon

Leave EU campaigners at Hedon Market

CAMPAIGNERS from Vote Leave set up stalls and pitches in Hedon Market Place on Wednesday. Vote Leave is the campaign for a Leave vote in the EU Referendum that will take place on the 23rd June 2016. There is also an official campaign supporting Britain remaining: Britain Stronger in Europe

Secret Army Soldiers Exhibition snip

East Riding Secret Army – “Secret No More!” Exhibition

Katy Miller from Hedon Museum: “Over 200 men in the East Riding of Yorkshire were recruited into Churchill’s Secret Army and threatened with death if they ever revealed their secrets. Their purpose was to prepare for the German invasion of our shores, an occurrence which at the time felt imminent.”


Props Night at Hedon Photographic Club

HEDON Photographic Club meets for one of its regular meetings on Wednesday 13th April 2016. But this meeting will be a bit different – perhaps even strange – but certainly lots of fun as members engage with Props Night.