HU12 England World Cup Support!

June 16, 2014 1

HU12 ONLINE is – of course – fully behind the England football team as they strive to win their Group D competition in the FIFA World Cup. But it was nice to see the area so well represented amongst fans in Brazil… […]

Christmas Ad SALE on HU12 Online

November 24, 2012 0

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME… so we have got an Ad Sale offer to those local businesses that want to advertise on HU12 Online over the Christmas period. Until Thursday 29th November only, then a rectangular advert […]

Our NEW Business Directory!

September 7, 2012 0

THE HU12 Business Directory has being updated onto a new website! Whilst the original website served its purpose as a guide to some of the businesses in the area, the new website is intended to […]

Reader Survey – Thanks

September 1, 2012 0

THANK YOU to the 46 readers who took the time and trouble to take part in our survey. The survey is now closed for this year. We will publish the findings very soon and HU12 Online […]

Please Complete our Reader Survey

August 21, 2012 0

HU12 ONLINE is conducting a survey to find out who its readers are, and what they enjoy on this website – the survey will close at the end of August 2012. Please do make an […]

HU12 Online Visitor/Reader Survey

July 10, 2012 2

WE KNOW that lots of local people visit HU12 Online on a daily basis to catch up with the news that interests them – but who actually visits the website, for what purposes and how often? […]

Beermats – “Have a drink on us!”

June 3, 2012 1

IF BEERMATS COULD TALK they would probably say “Have a drink on us!”… and you probably would put your drink on them! We are currently in the process of distributing our promotional beermats to all […]

Publishing Holderness Creative Writers

March 20, 2012 0

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing your local poetry or creative writing published? Then you might be interested to know that the Hedon Blog is publishing its new Wednesday Writings column. The Blog will publish and feature the work of a […]

Interview by Seaside Radio

March 14, 2012 0

THE EDITOR of HU12 Online went to visit Seaside FM Radio in Withernsea last week and was collared by Paula Coomber the station’s roving video reporter. This is the evidence of that encounter! PS: Thankfully […]

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