British Gas face backlash from village residents!

Villagers having to wait for their new village hall!

BRITISH GAS has roused the wrath of villagers in Paull for holding up the construction of their new village hall.

British Gas logo snipped

The energy company is due to disconnect the gas supply to the old village hall before its demolition can proceed, making way for the new building. However, despite being contracted and paid to do the work, furious villagers say that the job cannot be completed until the end of August.

Paul Cross explains the situation on the Paull Village Hall website:

“As announced previously we had hoped to begin demolition work on the old village hall on 23rd July 2012. Before any demolition work can take place we have to remove the mains connections for water, electricity and gas. The water and electricity were completed on time but British Gas say the earliest they can come to the hall is the 29th August 2012 despite the fact we ordered the removal in June 2012 and paid £1,792.20 for the privilege.

We are still trying to lobby various people to improve the situation but without much luck. Following the Prime Ministers’ speech at the weekend to the World saying Britain is open for business I have sent him an email saying British Gas certainly is not, or at least will not be for a couple of months.”

The new Village Hall should have been constructed and open early in the New Year; a booking had already been made for a Wedding function to be held on 5th January 2013. The delay in disconnecting the gas supply will now put the completion date back to March!

Residents on the village hall Facebook page have expressed their disgust at the delays caused especially in light of the fact that the work has been paid for:

  • “Are the village hall still being charged for the disconnection” asked one “if so then we should start a petition” 
  • “We should definitely be asking for at least a reduction in the cost” said another
  • “we could have been getting interest on that £1700!!!”
  • “next phonecall should be to watchdog” 
  • “a snotty letter from the Parish Council wouldn’t go amiss either. Has anyone contacted Graham Stuart?” asked one commenter referring to the local MP.

Hopefully, British Gas will be taking heed of the public backlash and take measures to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of its customers in Paull.

Visit: Paull Village Hall

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