Password system cracking down on bogus callers

A PASSWORD SYSTEM is helping to crack down on bogus callers in Humberside.

The doorstep password scheme, operated by Yorkshire Water, has seen more than 7,000 customers signing up to it.

The scheme works by customers registering an agreed personal password with the company, through a simple phonecall. Whenever they receive a call or a visit to their property by someone claiming to be from Yorkshire Water, they should always ask for this password. If the caller cannot provide them with their password, they should not, under any circumstances, let them into their property or continue with the phonecall.

If customers still have concerns about the identity of the caller, they can verify their identity simply by contacting the company on 0845 1 24 24 24. Genuine Yorkshire Water employees won’t mind waiting whilst their details are fully checked.

The reminder to customers is to be on their guard following a number of recent incidents in the area where bogus callers have attempted, on occasion successfully, to enter people’s properties by claiming they are from the company, in order to commit crimes.

Elderly and vulnerable customers are often targeted with one such incident taking place earlier this year in Beverley when a woman knocked on the door of an elderly woman claiming to be representing a charity. The victim said she did not want anything, but the woman asked if she could use the toilet, which was agreed. The woman then left the property but the following morning the victim discovered her handbag and purse were missing.

Matt Thompson of Yorkshire Water comments: “We’re determined to do everything we can to protect our customers from the evil scourge of bogus callers operating in Yorkshire.”

“Unfortunately, we’re still seeing our customers falling prey to callous conmen who claim to be from Yorkshire Water or the ‘water board’ in order to gain entry into people’s properties and steal their possessions and money.”

“That’s why we’re more keen than ever that all of our customers by signing up to our free doorstep password scheme. It’s really easy to do and it just serves as another line of defence to help ensure you don’t fall victim to con-artists.”

ALWAYS ask callers for their identification, and check it, before letting them in.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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