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SWAPPING SKILLS was something that HU12 Online thought was important when planning our SHOP and SWAP service. We used the example of someone wanting  light fittings putting up, so you might offer to dig their garden in return!

That simple idea of skill swapping has been developed further with the establishment of the Hull and East Riding TimeBank.

Image TimeBank Member statement

TimeBank Member statement

The TimeBank scheme will encourage people to exchange their skills and time. You give an hour of your time helping someone else, and you ‘bank’ an hour of your time so that someone else can help you. No money changes hands and benefits are not affected.

It is a simple idea that can help build community spirit. It involves people joining and lodging their requests for help, but also listing what they might be able to offer.

One of the skills currently on offer from the TimeBank is an hour’s ukulele lesson – somebody else wants to learn to knit… So if you want to learn to play the ukulele, and you can offer a knitting lesson… then you could be on your way to being the next George Formby!

But it’s not just about individuals helping each other, but organisations too. For example your group might have member skills in designing original posters – you might offer this skill in return for using another group’s meeting room for 2 hours.

The TimeBank builds on our basic community instinct to help others – and by helping others you can help yourself and friends too!

Check out the TimeBank website for more information. E-mail Kate Macdonald at kate@timebankhullandeastriding.co.uk or call m: 07545 696 007.

Visit: www.timebankhullandeastriding.co.uk

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Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (Editor)
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