Caravan Tax: Graham Stuart urges “Sign the Petition!”

OVER THE WEEKEND Members of Parliament from East Yorkshire launched a public petition opposing the imposition of VAT on static holiday caravans.

Local MP Graham Stuart said “This public petition to Parliament is different from the e-petitions that are available on the Government’s e-petitions website and those concerned about the issue of taxes on caravans should sign the petition for their constituency to provide their Member of Parliament with the ammunition they need to fight the caravan tax and demonstrate the strength of local feeling.”

“We learned last week that there is widespread, cross-party concern about this tax rise in Parliament. This petition will allow those at the grassroots level to register their opposition so that we can all speak with one clear voice to protect jobs and promote economic growth.”

Graham continued, “I hope anyone concerned about this tax increase on caravans will download the petition, and get all of their colleagues, friends, and family to sign. Everyone should return the petition to my office (or their local MP) in the House of Commons by Friday, 11th May so that we can present the petitions in the House of Commons and send a strong message that the fight against the caravan tax is far from over.”

HU12 Online publishes the petition below. It can be downloaded here CaravanTax Petition and we encourage readers to print off, sign and circulate and return to our MP as quickly as possible.
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Eyes on the post
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  1. Graham Stuart is encouraging all those opposed to the caravan tax to sign the public petition urging the Government to change its position and scrap the tax in advance of a presentation to Parliament on Tuesday 22nd May 2012. So you still have time to send petitions into him!

    Graham Stuart said today (16th May 2012) “So far I have received more than three thousand signatures from the residents of Beverley and Holderness and I know my colleagues have accepted many more from their own patches as well.

    “I hope we can collect as many signatures as possible to send a strong message to Government about how widespread the opposition to this tax increase is.”

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