Care Home operator appeals for fair hearing in Hedon debate

THE DEBATE on the proposal to build a care home complex on land on Magdalen Lane, Hedon has continued on the Hedon Blog with most commentators supporting the plans and expressing disappointment with the Hedon Town Council for not supporting the proposal at its special planning meeting on August 16th 2012.

Mr John Garton, the Director of Yorkare Homes Ltd has now joined that debate and in a letter asks to be given a fair hearing for their proposal which he says caters for a different caring need to that already provided in the area.

According to the Planning Statement for the project, Yorkare Homes Ltd has been working in the Care Industry for over 25 years and has built up a strong relationship with the Council’s Social Services Department in that time. As the population continues to age the government ambitions increase and move further towards ‘care village’ provision and the independence this provides.

In the interests of the debate we republish Mr Garton’s letter in full:

I write as a Director of Yorkare Homes Ltd, the Care Home operator, who has applied to develop the proposed Care Complex on Magdalen Lane to express my great disappointment that Hedon Town Council failed to support our Planning Application.

It is a simple fact that Holderness has no nursing beds nor specialist dementia beds within its curtilage. Any resident of Hedon or its immediate vicinity are forced to leave their own community if they are to receive this type of care within a Residential setting. The ERYC Social Services support this application as they are clearly aware of the lack of this type of facility in the Hedon area. These Homes cater for a differing care need to that provided by your local Residential Homes and the Over 55’s Lifestyle Complex. Indeed the current Residents of these establishments may well require the services of our Homes in the future.

This £5million development brings great benefits to the local community. Not least the creation of 100+ jobs with an annual payroll of £1.2 million must have a dramatic effect on the local economy in the long term. These are real jobs for local people who will surely spend their wages locally. This should not be underestimated.

I understand some Hedon residents have concerns about our development, but I concur with the comments already made by Cllr John Dennis that these can become integral to a planning decision.

Parking on Magdalen Lane will not occur as we have designed more than sufficient spaces on site. We have 25 years experience in building these types of facilities and are well versed in the requirements of parking/traffic. ERYC will no doubt assure this requirement will be met. Flooding will be mitigated as we are to incorporate a scheme to include underground attenuation tanks which control the discharge of rainfall into the drainage system. In addition the car parks will be laid in materials of a permeable nature which will allow the rain to dissipate into the soil in the normal way. Again this will be considered by the ERYC Planning Dept.

I also appreciate the fear of using a Greenfield site. We have carried out an extensive research of the Hedon area and there are simply no other suitable sites available in this vicinity. Again this will have to be proved to the ERYC Planning Committee.

In brief we believe all concerns can be addressed to complete satisfaction and all we ask is to be given a fair hearing.



John Garton
Yorkare Homes Limited

You can find out more about the proposed plans at the East Riding Council’s Public Access planning website at 

You need to agree to the Council’s conditions by ticking the box at the bottom of the page and then to see this application type reference number 12/03553 into the search box.

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