Debate over Care Home proposal in Hedon

A PLANNING APPLICATION by Yorkare Homes Ltd to build a new Care Home complex in Hedon has been opposed by Hedon Town Council reports the Hedon Blog.

The planning application is for the construction of a two-building complex for use as a 54 bedroom care home, and a 30 bedroom dementia care home, each with gardens and car parking areas with a shared bowling green and clubhouse. The development would also require the construction of a new access road.

Whilst welcoming the development of care facilities in the area, the Hedon Town Council did not give its support to the planning application. It cited concerns regarding increased traffic and flooding issues.

Councillor John Dennis, the East Riding Councillor for the Ward and a Hedon Town Councillor, expressed his disappointment at the decision: “Each of these concerns could have been adequately dealt with by the imposition of robust, enforceable planning conditions and therefore I made a formal proposal that the Town Council should support the application, subject to suitably worded conditions.

“In the present climate I feel the project is much needed in this area, as it would create many jobs and it would provide long term benefits to the local economy… Unfortunately I did not get the support of other members of the Committee, and the proposal was rejected by a majority vote. That was disappointing, but not unexpected.”

The debate continues over on the Hedon Blog.

Local resident Tim Davidson said: “We do need a nursing home in Hedon. There are no places for nursing care so people have to move out of the area for the care they need. This happened to my mum, who had to move into Hull, which really upset her as she lived in Hedon all of her life.”

Neil Shillito was concerned about the town’s flooding risk: “No more building should be done in Hedon until the relevant drainage systems are increased to cope , this has never been done and we just keep building.”

Neil also suggested that more social housing should be built: “Should we not be looking at social housing for young families of which there is a national shortage as well as a local shortage, this would provide us in Hedon with something we really need as well as giving the construction industry a welcome boost which in turn will boost the local economy.”

The Planning Application is now likely to be taken to a future meeting of the East Riding Council Planning Committee.

Visit: Hedon Blog – New Care Home Proposed

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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