Hearings – Able Marine Energy Park and the flooding of Cherry Cobb Sands

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THE OPEN HEARINGS into a major infrastructure project affecting this area have taken place recently, and recordings are available on the National Infrastructure Planning Website.

The plans involve the construction of a Marine Energy Park near to Killingholme on the South Bank of the Humber by Able UK, and the creation of a new wildlife area, as an ecological compensation scheme on the North Bank of the Humber, in the Parish of Paull, near to Keyingham which includes Cherry Cobb Sands and Old Little Humber Farm.

Cherry Cobb Sands is considered to be prime farmland and is already recognised as a wildlife area and contains sites which are considered of archaeological and historic significance.

The recordings of the Hearings in Hedon and Immingham are available at:


or at shortlink http://bit.ly/RAVgyr or scan your mobile phone at the Quick Response code.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. What I find alarming about some of this, is the fact that a consultation has been taking place for a number of years on this proposal, yet some people – including people who would be affected – seem to have only found out about the proposals by chance.

    The development of the renewables industry – what one representative referred to as a “perpetual growth industry” – is gathering pace and is set to affect local communities. It appears to be a very land-hungry industry!

    Whilst recognising the potential benefits of wind and renewable energies, it’s important that the interests of smaller rural communities, are not simply sacrificed in the frenetic drive to become the “epicentre” of this new ‘mega-industry’.

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