Humberside PCC Candidate is “sick of politicians and their political babble”

NEIL EYRE is “sick of politicians and their political babble” and is standing for election as the next Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner, not just as an independent candidate, but as the anti-political candidate. He says on his campaign website that his non-establishment “views are based a philosophy of freedom, peace and voluntary interaction which is the opposite of every party politician I know”.

The former Project Manager from Scunthorpe, in his statement published on HU12 Online, berates the “amount of public funds wasted on paying expenses to politicians and their advisers” and will not claim expenses himself, believing they should come from the PCC salary.

Neil Eyre doesn’t agree that cuts to policing have to be made, he “refuses to accept the same old answers politicians give us ‘because it has to’ or ‘because there is no money’.” He argues that a new way is needed to look at how money is spent and allocated, and as Police Commissioner he will not sanction any cuts to front line policing.

To date Neil Eyre is the only candidate attempting to use the full range of social media tools to reach the electorate; using YouTube and Audioboo and other platforms, as well as the now more regularly used Facebook and Twitter.

You can read the full statement by Neil Eyre on the candidate’s page on HU12 Online: Neil Eyre

For more on the election, visit our special web page.

Visit: PCC Elections

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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