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ROADWORKS seem to be the bane of motorists and pedestrians in the area. Especially when they seem to take place unannounced without adequate notice.

However, finding out about roadworks just might have got a little bit easier!? The East Riding Council is taking part in a trial of the new www.roadworks.org service which will enable residents to access information on local roadworks that are planned or are taking place.

An image from roadworks.org website

Go to www.roadworks.org and you will be taken to a navigational Google map. Put your postcode into the search box and you can find out about local roadworks, which are colour-coded to indicate if the roadworks are likely to cause traffic delays or not.

By using the service today, we discovered works by Yorkshire Water in Preston “to install marker post and duct in footway and carriageway” that might result in traffic delays, and work on Hedon Road “A1033 Saltend WB Flyover Segregation of lighting columns (1901Lane 1 Closure westboound)” where delays are possible.

You can set up e-mail alerts to keep you informed of roadworks in your area.

The Council is taking part in a free six-month trial of the system and will buy the system it if it is deemed useful and to be of value to the council and the public.

Have a look at the Roadworks website, and let HU12 Online know what you think.

Visit: www.roadworks.org

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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