“Non-political” protest by Town Councillors as PCC candidate speaks

PAUL DAVISON is the former Police Chief who is standing for election as the new Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. He attended a meeting of the Hedon Town Council last night after been invited to speak, but some town councillors chose not to listen to him.

Paul Davison Election Address001Emblazoned on Mr Davison’s election literature is the legend “keep POLITICS out of POLICING” – which is quite ironic considering that this is the reason that the protesting councillors voted with their feet and retired from participating; to keep politics out of Hedon Town Council!

As the special Finance & General Purposes meeting got underway, Councillor Ann Suggit declared that Hedon Town Council was non-political and shouldn’t be discussing politics. She was joined by Councillor Alan Marshall in leaving the room. Councillor John Dennis agreed with the sentiments and retired to the public seats to become an observer only for Mr Davison’s speech.

Paul Davison spoke to a smaller audience of councillors than expected and expressed his disappointment at the non-involvement of the protesting councillors. He’d asked to come and address the meeting and had been invited. He was attending at his own expense travelling from his home village of Bainton near Driffield. He re-iterated during the 20-minute question and answer session, that one of his key messages was that the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner should be non-political.


HU12 Online spoke to Mr Davison just before the meeting and asked him if his 30 years operational experience in Humberside Police would be an advantage in playing the Commissioner role:

“November 15th is going to change policing for ever. The Police and Crime Commissioner is a new role , and whether you agree with it or not,  it’s here, and it’s going to have a massive impact on life.”

“A police background is crucial. Put me in charge of a newspaper, and I wouldn’t know where to begin!” he said. “It would be difficult to do the Police  and Crime Commissioner role without knowledge of operational policing. You need to understand the police from top-to-bottom. You need to understand serious crime and criminality, and local service provision to local people.”

“A 30 year operational experience in the police can help guide you in deploying resources more effectively; particularly how we can do more, with less.”

And his message to residents in Holderness? “As the officer in charge of the area, we reduced car-crime by two-thirds and burglaries are down to only 1.5 a day in Holderness. That’s been achieved by hard work. As the new PCC I’ll be looking for more of the same.”

And my pledge is; If you don’t get what you want from the police, then you will be able to contact me directly to act on your behalf.”

To find out more about Paul Davison then visit his campaign website. HU12 Online hopes to speak to each of the candidates during the course of the election campaign.

Visit: www.pauldavison4pcc.co.uk

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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