Police Commissioner Candidate: “PCC should be independent of police and politics”

Walter Sweeney PCC

THE POLICE COMMISSIONER for Humberside should be “knowledgeable about policing, but independent of any political party and independent of the police” according to Walter Sweeney in his statement published today on HU12 Online.

Mr Sweeney – who has adopted Cockney rhyming-slang to help voters remember him Walter “Sweeney Todd, the Flying Squad” believes that his legal training, political experience and campaigning record qualify him for the role of Humberside Police Commissioner.

Mr Sweeney is a practising solicitor in Hull with experience of prosecuting and defending in the courts. He studied criminology at Cambridge University and has also chaired a police authority. In 1992, he was elected as an MP, serving on the Home Affairs Select Committee and as an adviser to the then Home Secretary Michael Howard. He has campaigned for better pay and conditions for the police, the introduction of CCTV and fully compatible police computer systems.

Top of his election pledges is to “Listen to the public and give you a loud voice on crime and public safety”

To view the complete election statement on HU12 Online, visit the candidate’s page: Walter Sweeney

For more on the election, visit our special web page.

Visit: PCC Elections

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Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (Editor)
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