Preston – Heavy traffic petition to be launched

Photo taken in Preston on Monday by John Hockless

A PETITION IS to be launched in Preston at the weekend seeking solutions to the dangerous levels of traffic through the village.

A campaign has been running for some time to highlight the problems of heavy traffic, particularly HGV vehicles, that travel through the village.

A report in the Holderness Gazette last week (8th March 2012) said that its East Riding Council sources considered a ban on heavy lorries unlikely. Instead, it is understood that a new road-marking system to encourage drivers to keep away from the narrow pavements is being proposed.

HU12 Online hopes to bring you further details of the petition and the campaign in the next few days.

You can search HU12 Online for background on this issue:

Visit: Preston Traffic

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. Wright garage, post office , hairdressers, barbers, butchers,cock + bell,blacksmiths, nags, even the snooker hall,
    all these places you can find a petition.They were all helpfull everyone is fed up of the amount of traffic coming through this village, tell your freinds if we stick together and make a noise some one has got to listen, even if we have to walk to NUM 10. Some one will listen

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