Speeding Traffic Problem – Hedon to Patrington?


Mr Alan Walker has written to us:


I have recently moved into the area and I am frustrated at the driving habits of a lot of motorists who ignore the 30 & 40 mph limits between Hedon and Patrington (Ed – the A1033) and the speed of some drivers through Patrington itself. I am already tired of drivers driving too close behind me, then going hell for leather past me when they get the chance.

My question is, do the Police ever patrol this road because I have never seem them ?

Someone will be injured or even killed if these drivers do not change their habits and aggression.

Have other readers got similar experiences to Mr Walker’s? If so, then please  let us know. In the meanwhile we shall ask Humberside Police for a response.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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6 Comments on Speeding Traffic Problem – Hedon to Patrington?

  1. I live in Easington and we have a severe problem with cars speeding along Seaside Road on there way to Kilnsea and back, drivers seem to ignore speed restrictions if there is any on this stretch of road. My main concern is nothing seems to be getting done about it, thre is a flashing speed sign on the Hull Road into the village but then they speed up as soon as they get round the corner. My cat was run over and killed outside our house Im convinced it wont be too long before a child or an elderly person will be seriously hurt if nothing is done about it. I would gladly allow the police to monitor the situation from my front garden if it would make people in the council take notice and install cameras or even a slow down sign on this road.

    • Since my last comments regarding speeding, things have got worse on the A1033 between Hedon and Patrington where I live. The aggression from some drivers is unbelievable and the lack of enforcement is very dissapointing. I am sure it’s just a matter of time before a serious accident happens. I pick my Wife up from work at 7am from Halsham and the speeders are already out an about by then!

      • Hear, hear. I get tailgated by so many drivers and overtaken at ridiculous speeds just because I am following the 30mph speed limit. There was a speed camera being used the other week but drivers were going along flashing their headlights to warn other drivers of the camera these people are completely irresponsible.

      • i live in patrington and th speed of drivers through the village is horrific,speed ramps will slow them down,but then there is the ottringham straight ,between patrington and ottringham is treated like a speedway,the police never seem to do anything there,i have been driving along watching my speed when idiots go shooting past doing 70 and 80 and usually sound there horn ,just because i am not speeding,where are the police,everyone knows what the racers are like at 7 in the morning etc,why do the police not notice ?

  2. I submitted the initial story last week and was delighted to see a Police Motorcycle Officer equipped with speed camera in Keyingham this week ( wed 28th March ).

  3. I agree 100% with Mr Walker’s comments. The speed limits Between Keyingham and Hedon were lowered recently but everyone ignores them. I have been tailgated many times on the route, other drivers make me feel I am committing a crime by sticking to the speed limit. There has been a number of accidents at the crossing in Keyingham, the speed some drives go through the village is amazing. I too have been overtaken at speed by many drivers on that route.

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