Award winning East Riding Council road improvement schemes – on transport campaigners hit list

Campaign for Better Transport Report: Concerned about “two significant widening projects around the Humber Bridge and Beverley”

THE TITLE of Transport District/Unitary of the Year has been awarded to East Riding Council at the prestigious National Transport Awards 2012, held in London earlier this month. But two of the council’s award-winning projects have appeared on a hit list of road developments that national transport campaigners wish to oppose.

Judges at the Transport Awards had been impressed that East Riding Council had been successful in securing £10m funding for a major transport scheme to improve  the A164 between the Humber Bridge and Beverley and £27m for the Beverley Integrated Transport Plan which includes the construction of the Beverley Southern Relief Road.

However, independent charity Campaign for Better Transport has included both road improvement schemes on its Road to Nowhere Map, which it says includes 191 new road projects (772 miles of new roads) that threaten to tear up the countryside.

In the Campaign’s recently published report Roads to Nowhere – Going backwards it draws attention to “two significant widening projects around the Humber Bridge and Beverley.”

The Campaign says that it is monitoring these new road plans and keeping in touch with local campaigns to stop them. It is organising a conference this Saturday 3rd November 2012 to bring national campaigners together.

“Hundreds of miles of new roads, costing billions of pounds, are being planned across the country by central government, local councils and new bodies like ‘Local Enterprise Partnerships’ who – wrongly – believe that a bypass or ring road in their town is the answer to high levels of traffic.

We’re monitoring these new road plans and keeping in touch with local campaigns to stop them. Explore our interactive map to see if any of the proposals are in your area, and find out if you can help: Roads to nowhere”   – Campaign for Better Transport website

Comment: HU12 Online is unaware of any campaigns against the two transport schemes, but finds it interesting that they can win awards on the one-hand, yet incur the wrath of a respected national campaign on the other.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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