Council warning on noisy dogs

BARKING DOGS can be disturbing and annoying to neighbours. The sound of constant barking can even affect the health of neighbours. Prolonged barking could also be a sign that dogs are lonely, bored, stressed or in need of medical attention.

East Riding Council is warning that it will take action to investigate complaints of noisy dogs.

Dave Howliston, environmental control manager at East Riding Council, said: “We are continuing to be as tough as we were last year when we investigated 470 complaints of disturbance from barking dogs. There is no excuse for allowing a dog to continually keep barking and it can be worse in summer when neighbours have doors and windows open on sunny days.

Dogs bark, it is in the nature of the beast, but what cannot be tolerated is continuous, prolonged barking day after day. Those owners who fail to heed the warning may find themselves served with an abatement notice.”

The council has the powers to serve abatement notices on the owners’ of dogs which bark for prolonged periods. Failure to comply with notices served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 can result in a fine of up to £5,000.

The council is advising residents who wish to complain to call 01482 396301 or visit the council website. A noise nuisance diary sheet will be sent out, which will need to be returned completed in order to investigate the complaint.


Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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