Election Result 2012 – South East Holderness

THE RESULT of the poll to elect a Councillor to represent the South East Holderness Ward on the East Riding Council:

  • Kevan Hough – The Conservative Party Candidate – 1,187 – ELECTED
  • Jed Lee – Labour Party Candidate – 1,011
  • John Windas – Independent – 971


Turnout: 26.9%

See our HU12 Online Election Coverage.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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6 Comments on Election Result 2012 – South East Holderness

  1. Those areas voting yesterday included:

    Easington, Halsham, Hollym, Holmpton, Keyingham, Rimswell, Ottringham, Patrington, Roos, Skeffling, Welwick and Withernsea.

  2. It’s bad news if you are not on the electoral register, however, it’s not difficult to check your status and make a correction. I understand that the turnout at this by-election from those on the register was only 27%. What does this mean? To me is says that people are generally disinterested in politics. Disinterest is an irresponsible trait because politics will continue anyway and those who did not vote really have no right to complain about the action (or inaction) of councillors, MPs and ministers. It is worth noting that voters in the young democracies of Africa and elsewhere will queue around the block and wait for hours to cast their vote and make their voice heard. What does that say about the electorate of South East Holderness who don’t have to walk miles every day for sufficient drinking water.

  3. did any one El’s not get a polling card we never so could not vote did not know where to go or what day to vote only found out about it all on the news today tut tut eastriding

      • Hi Chris – Thorngumbald was not voting. It was just South East Holderness which had the by-election – involves Keyingham and towards the East from there. Thorngumbald is in South West Holderness ward.

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