Flytipping costs us at least £68 per hour!

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TO CLEAR AWAY FLY TIPPED RUBBISH – illegally dumped waste – costs the council £68 per hour! And to dispose of such waste correctly at a landfill site can cost a further £56 per tonne – and if asbestos is included in the waste this can rise to £1,500 per tonne to be collected and disposed off!

In the period between April 2006 to February 2011 the East Riding Council dealt with 4,717 reports of fly tipping on its land and investigated each incident. These investigations – which also incur costs to the Council – led to 59 successful prosecutions, 11 formal cautions and the issue of 232 formal warning letters.

These figures have been released by the East Riding Council following a Freedom of Information request.

The Environment Agency has said that on a national basis, dealing with the problem of fly tipping can cost £100-£150 million every year. This cost falls on taxpayers and private landowners. Fly tipping adversely affects local environments, threatening the health of rivers and recreation areas and even reducing property prices in the area.

You can report fly tipping to the Council online at the East Riding Council website.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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