Fortnightly bin trials prove “spectacular” says East Riding Councillor

“My concern would be in the summer months if the green bin waste started to smell.”

EAST RIDING COUNCIL is conducting a trial of reduced green bin collections and increased blue bin collections as it steps up recycling efforts.

Green bin collections have been reduced from weekly to fortnightly in certain trial areas, and homes have had their blue bins collected fortnightly, instead of monthly.

The trial has been started because extra recycling has seen blue bins fill up more quickly, while less waste is being put into the green bins destined for landfill. The council says that there has been a “huge drop” in the waste sent to landfill from the trial areas.

“In the first two weeks of the trial across the six areas, there was a fall of 16 tonnes of waste collected from the green bins, with an increase of 35 per cent of recyclable waste in the blue bins.” East Riding Council press statement

Councillor Symon Fraser, the council cabinet member for environment, housing and planning, said: “The only word for it is spectacular: In April the tax imposed on every tonne sent to landfill went up to £64 from £56. By 2014 it will have risen to £80 a tonne. That is council tax payers money spent on putting waste in a hole in the ground that we could be spending on other council services. That waste rots in the ground creating a cocktail of nasty gases.

The results of the trial in just two weeks are spectacular: those residents are leading the way, their actions further cutting the waste that is going to landfill.”

A 5% sample of the East Riding’s 150,000 households is involved in the trial which started on April 23rd 2012. The selected streets are in Cottingham, Brough, Elloughton, Hutton Cranswick, Swanland,  Little Driffield, Thorngumbald and Keyingham.

Keyingham Resident Kirsty Martin said at the beginning of the trial, that she welcomed fortnightly blue bin collections but has reservations about losing weekly green bin collections: “I think most people will moan about it until they get used to it. I think, most of the time, I could get away with fortnightly collections. My concern would be in the summer months if the green bin waste started to smell.

“But the fortnightly collection of the blue recycling bin would be fantastic because, after four weeks, it is full.”

Landfill tax cost the East Riding Council £5 million last year.

No time limit has been set on the length of the trial.

What are your views on fortnightly collections? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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