Hedon Care Home facility – flood risk assessment prior to approval

Artist impression of proposed Care Home, Magdalen Lane, Hedon

A REPORT on granting planning permission for a new 1.4 ha (3.5 acre) Care Home facility on Magdalen Lane, Hedon (to be built by Yorkare Homes), is to be taken before the East Riding Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 25th October 2012.

The report states that there is a need for nursing care homes and in particular for dementia care in the Hedon area. The Local Planning Authority is satisfied that there are no other sites within the area which could accommodate this scale of development.

The Magdalen Lane site is considered to be in an ‘easy-reach’ location, but an extended footpath would be needed to improve pedestrian access. The parking provision stipulated in the planning application would be appropriate. Most traffic would be generated by staff and visitors, so increased traffic generation is not considered to be a significant issue.

However, the report by council planning officers recommends that the decision on granting planning permission be DEFERRED until the Environment Agency has responded to the applicant’s revised flood risk assessment.

The Flood Risk Assessment covers issues relating to keeping people safe from flood hazards, including methods to drain water, flood warnings, emergency and evacuation procedures. The developers need to demonstrate that the building of the facility will not increase flooding risks to others, and where possible reduces flood risk overall.

If the comments from the Environment Agency are positive, then officers recommend that the application be APPROVED.

Download: Planning Report – Hedon Care Home Facility Magdalen Lane

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. This application was approved by the main planning committee at their meeting at County Hall yesterday. Personally I believe this to be a good decision for Hedon and its residents, and indeed for those of neighbouring villages too.

    A proposal to refuse the application, on the grounds that the site is outside the development limit of the town, was made by an independent member of the committee. This was rejected by a good majority, and the planning officer’s recommendation to approve was accepted.

    All responses from the normal consultees, including the Environment Agency, were positive, the only negative one coming from Hedon Town Council who had recommended refusal – from recollection mine was the only vote in favour at the Hedon meeting.

    I was pleased to speak at yesterday’s meeting in favour of the scheme, making several points in its favour – such as a severe shortage of dementia care and nursing facilities in the town resulting in relatives of dementia sufferers having to travel away from the area just to visit their loved ones, – such as the massive boost such a facility would have on the prosperity of Hedon and its retail economy, and of course the provision of many jobs, not only in the construction phase, but also the longer term jobs in the home itself, and there will be lots of those!

    Of course there is the potential for some negative impact, and the authorities will be imposing conditions to cover those, but I think the positives will vastly outweigh the negatives.

    It would have, in my opinion, been a real shame if Hedon had lost this opportunity to bring much needed investment to the area, and I thank those on the E.R.Y.C. Planning committee who listened to my speech and recognised this.

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