Holderness: Recycling reduces waste sent to landfill by 10%

EAST RIDING RESIDENTS hit a top recycling rate of 56 per cent in April by putting more in their blue and brown bins, according to figures published by the East Riding Council.

There was also good news about the green landfill bins with a 20 per cent drop in April, which means the amount of waste sent to landfill was cut by 1,294 tonnes.

On the negative side, there was a fall in the amount of food waste, garden waste and cardboard in the East Riding’s brown bins. This was due to a drop in the amount of garden waste due to the wet weather. The drop was 14 per cent compared with April last year when the weather was drier.

The figures have been broken down for Holderness:
In April 224 tonnes of glass, paper, plastics, cans and Tetra Pak was collected from the blue bins, an increase of 82 tonnes, which is 58 per cent more than in April last year.

There was a 10 per cent drop in the waste put in the green landfill bins in April compared with April last year.

The Council tax payer has to pay £64 tax on every tonne sent to landfill in addition to the costs of disposal.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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