Information on Stray Dogs in the East Riding

MORE THAN 930 STRAY DOGS were picked up by dog wardens in the East Riding in the last financial year. Of these the majority were reunited with their owners, but 178 were re-homed and 112 were put to sleep.

204 of the strays were cross-breeds, but Labradors accounted for 132 of the strays picked up and also 114 Staffordshire Bull Terriers and 91 Jack Russells were collected. 247 of the dogs had been micro-chipped by their owners.

The council picks up stray dogs from public places and collects those that have been detained by members of the public. If the dog has a collar and tag with the owner’s name and address, it will be  returned. If the dog is microchipped it will be taken to the council ‘holding kennels’ in Leconfield to obtain the details.

Dogs are kept at the kennels for seven days to allow the owners time to collect them. After seven days, the council looks to re-home the dog, but can still be reclaimed by owners.

There is a charge for kennelling and for returning a dog to its owner. For the first three days of kennelling the charge is £49.50, and after that the daily charge is £8.80. The owner can collect their dog directly from the kennels, or alternatively the dog can be returned by the council to the owner’s property for a charge of £37.50.

This comes as a result of a Freedom of Information Request made to the East Riding Council and from information on Caring for Dogs on the council’s website.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. Hi, someone let my dog out of gate last night, he is a black and tan crossed with staffi and rotti, is chipped and very friendly, has color on and badge but I changed my number last wk so number not valid, I live hu12 8ux

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