Olympic Torch Relay – “Opportunity to be part of a global event”

THE OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY passes through East Yorkshire on Monday 18th June and Tuesday 19th June 2012. And even though the torch does not pass directly through Holderness, there are opportunities to join the celebrations in nearby areas.

The Torch will arrive in Bridlington at 3pm on Monday before making its way through Beverley and to Hull. It will travel down Holderness Road and make its way to West Park for a huge event to celebrate the Olympics. On Tuesday the Torch will make its way out of the East Riding via Brough and Goole.

You can find out more about the routes through Bridlington, Beverley and Hull on our main Olympic Torch Relay page.

Local MP Graham Stuart welcomed the Torch through the region:

“For many, this provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for residents to be part of a global event, and show national spirit for the upcoming Games next month. Lots of people will be out to celebrate the relay and cheer on the local torchbearers. It will be a proud day for the East Riding of Yorkshire.”

The East Riding Council has organised a competition to encourage people to photograph and record the Olympic events for local posterity. Find out more at Summer of Celebrations.

The Olympic Flame stands for peace, unity and friendship. It will be carried by 8,000 inspirational Torchbearers across the UK. It will travel to within an hour of 95% of people in the UK during its 70-day journey.

Note: BUSES will be affected in each of the areas traversed by the Olympic Convoy and Torchbearer events. East Yorkshire Motor Services have advised passengers to check out their website or follow their Twitter account @EYBuses on the day to see where the Torch is, whether it is running on time and how buses are affected.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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  1. Olympic Torch Relay along wawne road at 5.20pm, with Torchbearers taking over , but the traffic should off been diverted so everyone could have had took good photo,s with out the traffic in them. other than that it was nice to part off by watching them ready for the Olympics 2012.and chearing them on.plus it was nice to have photo with one off them ie number 100.

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