Record and Report any foul odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

THE PEA HARVEST season has started. The process of washing, blanching and freezing thousands of tonnes of peas at the processing plant in Brighton Street, Hull has begun.

Over the summer vast quantities of pea-residue will be discharged into the sewerage system and eventually end up at Yorkshire Water’s waste water treatment works at Saltend. Over the 12 years the plant has been in operation, it has failed to satisfactorily deal with this effluent, resulting in obnoxious smells being released into the air. The stench was particularly bad last summer when the number of complaints to Yorkshire Water and East Riding of Yorkshire Council was at its highest ever level.

Councillor John Dennis, for the South West Holderness Ward, advises residents to record and report any unpleasant smells:

“The pea season seems to have started rather later than usual due presumably to the weird weather conditions we’ve had in recent months. I understand that ERYC Officers are now on site at Saltend and a schedule of visits to the Hedon area has been put in place to meet the Council’s undertakings to increase its presence in advance of complaints.

I’d like to remind people to report any smells, from their homes or places of work, as soon as they experience them. Yorkshire Water should be contacted on 0845 1 24 24 24 and the ERYC telephone number is 01482 396 301 and take note of the date and time and the wind direction if possible

Residents of South West Holderness have had much to put up with over recent years and it’s about time the problem was solved once and for all. Hopefully, following persistent pressure from the Local Communities’ Forum and ERYC Ward Members the newly installed and commissioned £3.5million Odour Control Unit will perform as well as YW claim, but we should all be alert to any exceptional odours.”

See the full comments by Councillor Dennis on the Hedon Blog.

Visit: Reporting the Smells – on the Hedon Blog

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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