“We will come after you…” Council Chief warns those who litter, dump waste and let their dogs foul our streets!

FORTY THREE Fixed Penalty Notices were issued by East Riding Council last year for offences such as littering and dog fouling. And the strong message from the council is that they will chase up those who litter the streets, dump waste, or allow their dogs to foul public places.

A £75 penalty notice is issued when an offence has been witnessed or where there is evidence. In the last financial year there were 21 Fixed Penalty Notices issued for offences of fly posting, such as staking signs into verges or attaching placards to lamp posts; 13 issued for littering, mainly for discarding drinks cans; 3 for dog fouling and 6 for allowing a dog onto excluded land, such as playing fields.

In the same 12 months the council also prosecuted six cases, issued a further six formal cautions and issued 14 warning letters for fly tipping offences for which there is no fixed penalty.

Nigel Leighton, director of environment and neighbourhood services for the council, said: “Our residents are making it absolutely clear that they want us to take action where we can get evidence. The message to the tiny few who litter our streets and highways, who allow their dogs to foul pathways and who dump waste is that we will come after you. Tax payers’ money should be put to better use than having to clean up after those who take no pride in their community. We ask residents to contact us on 01482 393939 if they see anyone littering, dropping waste or an owner not cleaning up after their dog.”

During the 12 months when all these offences took place, the council had to set aside a total of £5 million for street and beach cleansing, clearing litter and dumped waste, and disposal costs.

In 2011 a Freedom of Information request revealed that fly tipping alone costs East Riding Council £68 per hour to remove. To dispose of such waste correctly at a landfill site can cost a further £56 per tonne – and if asbestos is included in the waste this can rise to £1,500 per tonne to be collected and disposed off!

Residents should contact the Council on 01482 393393 if they see cases of littering, fly tipping or dog fouling.

Visit: East Riding Council – Litter and fly tipping

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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