Election 2012 – South East Holderness

THURSDAY 3rd MAY 2012 is by-election day in the South East Holderness Ward.

THE RESULT of the poll to elect a Councillor to represent the South East Holderness Ward on the East Riding Council:

  • Kevan Hough – The Conservative Party Candidate – 1,187 – ELECTED
  • Jed Lee – Labour Party Candidate – 1,011
  • John Windas – Independent – 971

Turnout: 26.9%

News Items:

  1. Some Election Day confusion over Holderness by-election – Mon 7th May
  2. Media Adverts and other Election Material published by candidates (only those brought to our attention)
  3. ELECTION DAY Tweets from Twitter – Thurs 3rd May
  4. Council Leader speaks out against Caravan Tax – Thurs 3rd May
  5. Caravan Tax Campaigners rally support – Published 30th April
  6. Find your Polling Stations – Published 26th April
  7. John Prescott to support Labour’s Jed Lee – Published 19th April
  8. Conservative Candidate Kevan Hough publishes Election Statement on HU12 – Published 16th April
  9. Labour Campaign hits the streets in Withernsea – 16th April
  10. Jed Lee the Labour Candidate has published his Election Address and statement on HU12 Online – 13th April
  11. Labour Candidate kicks off his Election Campaign
  12. Candidates nominated for South East Holderness council seat
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