E20 Route to Success – Major trade conference in Hull

BUSINESSES that wish to trade internationally will be interested in a major European conference being held at Hull University to identify economic opportunities and potential for connecting business between the countries along the designated E20 trading route.

E20 is designated by the United Nations as an international highway which spans 1,168 miles (1,880km) from Limerick in Ireland to St Petersburg in Russia, along highways in six European countries, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. The route passes through some of the world’s most dynamic city economies, including Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Hull, Esbjerg, Odense, Copenhagen, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Tallinn.

This event has been created for businesses in E20 countries who want to expand into neighbouring markets and, in particular, take advantage of the opportunities in Russia.

The conference aims to encourage business to business engagement through debate, networking and sharing of best practice to develop new markets. If you want to promote your services to clients along the E20 route, find synergies, seek a partner for a joint venture, or look at ways to cut costs through the use of technology, this event will be key.

“This is not another passive conference, filled with long speeches but features an active programme of discussions where delegates can present ideas and views which will directly affect the outcome and next steps from the event. Attendees with ambition and focus who want to take responsibility for delivering change will not be disappointed.” Professor David Grant, Director of Hull University’s Logistics Institute

The event takes place over two days at the Logistics Institute, Hull University Business School, on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September 2012.

Visit: www.e20route.eu

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