GP advice on Insect Bites and Stings

Horse Fly bites can be particularly painful
Horse Fly bites can be particularly painful

HEDON GROUP PRACTICE based in Hedon and Keyingham has issued advice on treating insect bites and stings in its latest Newsletter. The hot weather has seen more active insects and more people outside in the gardens and countryside; so the likelihood of coming into contact with biting and stinging insects increases.

The advice is as follows:

Insect bites can be painful or itchy, but try not to scratch them as this can make the symptoms worse. Wash the affected area with soap and water and pat the skin dry.
You can relieve the pain by applying a cold compress (a cloth soaked in iced water).

Stings are typically painful and cause swelling of the skin, but aren’t usually dangerous unless you are severely allergic to the venom. If a sting is still visible in the wound, remove it as soon as possible. You can scrape it out with a fingernail or a credit card. Don’t try to grab the sting between your fingers or tweezers as this can cause the venom sac to squeeze its contents into your skin.

You can reduce your risk of insect bites and stings by:

  • Wearing insect repellent
  • Keeping picnic foods covered up as much as possible—sweet foods and drinks attract wasps.
  • Wearing long sleeves and trousers if out in the evening, especially near water—tucking trousers into socks or boots, and shirts into trousers will also help.


Other Practice News:

The Practice has also announced the retirement of Dr English after 29 years service. A new GP Doctor Nicholas Cross joins the Practice on 1st July 2012. Dr Cross previously worked as a Senior Partner at a Practice in Bridlington.

The Out of Hours telephone number has changed to: Tel: 0300 3300 804. This is a freephone number for emergency use outside of GP working hours. You can ring this number direct, or be transferred via the normal Practice telephone number.


Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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