All the Bells – The Hedon Bells

IN HONOUR of All the Bells and to welcome the Olympic Games we feature this poem about Hedon’s Bells by local pet David Thompson. 

The Hedon Bells (a ringing endorsement) – by David Thompson

In quintessential Englishness,
The grand old King of Holderness,
Eight bells that ring from treble down
To tenor, clear across the town,
Through louvred Gothic windows call
To morning service one and all,
Or on a wedding day to play
Their part, to make a special day,
And on Remembrance Day to toll,
In mourning for the honoured roll,
Or on some Saturdays to peal,
An ancient art that`s quite genteel,
With Rounds and Changes as the aim,
All sequences do have their name,
From Plain Bob Minor, Whittington,
The glossary of bells goes on,
To Dodging, Hunting, out and back,
Ring up, ring down, avoid the slack,
Long may the bells of Hedon ring,
Long may they resonate and bring,
Due honour on this ancient town,
And may they never take them down.

This poem was published on the Hedon Blog as part of its WEDNESDAY WRITINGS column.

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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