Holy Walking Socks! Batman is from Hedon – and he’s climbing a mountain!

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Since Bruce Wayne hung up his cape in Gotham City, Batman is now resident in Hedon and we obviously can’t tell you his new secret identity! Dean Whiteley – Your secret is safe with us! 

Batman, with his trusty sidekick – who we’ll call ‘Robin’ – are to do a sponsored-walk up Scafell Pike to raise money for a good cause! Their friend’s daughter suffers from a metabolic disorder know as DYPD (dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase), which is a rare condition with no known cure.

The aim is to reach the top of the highest point in England dressed as Batman and Robin in an effort to raise as much money for her future and try to give her the best possible start in life

Batman Dean said: “It’s great that we’re going to raise some money, but ideally we would like to raise awareness of this condition and hopefully one day help find a cure.”

We hope to bring you more news of the Caped Crusader’s latest mission very soon!…

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Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (photo by Neil Holmes) is a former community development manager but now describes himself as a beat-blogger or citizen-journalist. Ray lives in Hedon and also edits the Hedon Blog and is the Hedon correspondent for the Holderness Gazette.

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  1. Dean whiteley | June 8, 2012 at 10:09 am | Reply

    Batman himself here. The climb takes place on the 7th of July from seathwaite. Already thinking about my next challenge, any ideas welcomed however this batman does not like heights 🙁

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