Help! Can you assist with our BEERMAT promotion?

HU12 ONLINE is producing a promotional beermat. 5,000 of these beermats will be printed and distributed around some 20 local pubs in South Holderness.

We need your help in finishing the design on the front of the beermat!

We have space for a caption, witty-ditty or strap-line. It might be something that describes your local HU12 website? It might be something that is related to the internet, beer or beermats; or it might be something that is just funny. As you can see from the sample, it needs to be short.

If you have any good ideas we would love to know! If you like any of the ideas below, again please let us know! And if you’re the first to suggest or support an idea which we eventually use, we’ll send you £10 to say thanks!

Some ideas already include:

  1. “Better informed, engaged, active local communities”
  2. Local Blogger’s Beermat!
  3. Blog sensibly!
  4. Free… Local news (tick), Website (tick) Beermat (tick), Beer (cross)
  5. Your local news website
  6. Blogging Bonkers about Holderness!
  7. Hungry for local news – feed me!
  8. Talking About Holderness!

Fill in the comments box below with your suggestions! Deadline Midnight on Sunday (29th April 2012).

Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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    Probably the best website in the world!

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