Advertise with HU12 Online – Inexpensive and long-lasting

Advertising on HU12

DID YOU KNOW that advertising with HU12 Online:

  • Is MUCH cheaper than advertising in print (newspapers, magazines)
  • Is LIVE for much longer and stays within public view for the whole month or six months. It doesn’t get thrown away like an Ad in a newspaper
  • Can be UPDATED REGULARLY to suit your changed circumstances. You are not stuck with the same Ad
  • Gets VIEWED over 10,000 times EVERY month – and a growing audience
  • Gets you the added bonus of a sponsoring link on the popular Hedon Blog

Basic Advertising Rates:

  • £10 or £15 per month
  • £50 or £75 for six months

Visit: HU12 Online Advertising 

About the Author

Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (Editor)
Ray Duffill (photo by Neil Holmes) is a former community development manager but now describes himself as a beat-blogger or citizen-journalist. Ray lives in Hedon and also edits the Hedon Blog and is the Hedon correspondent for the Holderness Gazette.

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