HU12 Online available on Skype

Video call on Skype

HU12 ONLINE will soon be available on Skype. This will allow people in the area who are also on Skype to contact us quickly about events and news in the HU12 area. You will be able to search for us on Skype at HU12 Online or at Skype name

Skype is a programme that you can download on your computer which makes free computer-to-computer phone calls possible over broadband.

With Skype, then you can contact another Skype user anywhere in the world for free. In fact a common use for Skype is to keep in touch with relatives abroad.

Its video conference-call facility is a premium feature, but can enable ‘virtual networking’ to take place for those people who are prevented from meeting physically for whatever reason. Skype can also cater for calls to landlines at a cost.

It’s not just phone calls either – Skype can enable speedy transfer of large computer files between Skype users in a manner that e-mail can not achieve.

It is easy to get on Skype as the video below shows:
[wpvideo oqYMMFem]


Eyes on the post

Eyes on the post
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