There seems to be a growing number of…

There seems to be a growing number of dog owners in Hedon who think it is not their responsibility to pick up their dogs mess from the pavements. It seems particularly bad on the paths around Inmans estate and around the school. Not being a dog owner ourselves and having to scrape dog mess from our child’s buggy and bicycle is not a pleasant experience.

It is socially unacceptable to leave dog mess on the paths and I cannot understand why people would want to leave their own town in that state. Just because it is late at night or early in the morning and there is not many people around this is not an excuse. It seems that it is not tied to any generation either, as I myself had to confront an elderly lady who thought she would leave the mess on the path.

I will suggest if you don’t want to pick up the mess then you should not have a dog !!!!!!

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