There is nothing better then getting out in…

There is nothing better then getting out in the fresh air and having a run on a Sunday morning. I did that this morning. As I faced west with Hull and the Humber Bridge in the distance I begin to think what would my view be like in 10 years?

As we head into spring we edge closer to some serious money being invested into Hull with the Greenport development. But what has this got to do with us here in Holderness?

This week East Riding of Yorkshire council threw there weight behind the plans for the Greenport development and I am sure Hull City council will follow suit when the planning decision is made in early April. As I look towards the Humber in 10 years I am sure my view will be filled with activity and development, but will this development effect us further east towards the flat Holderness countryside. The fact that East Riding Council already have plans for developments closer to Holderness, in relation to the location of factories associated with renewable energy means my view will change considerably in the next 10 years. The boundary of industry will not stop at BP Chemicals. Lord Haskins, Chairman of the Humber LEP stated this week that he expects the investment within our area to pass 1 billion pounds within 3 years. This is investment beyond anything the area has seen ever!

How do we feel about this in Hedon and the wider Holderness area? The decisions of planning consent are just around the corner for some of our councillors. These are not just decisions which effect the here and now. These are decisions which will effect our children and our grandchildren. This may seem a harsh thing to say but many who wish the area to remain as it is now will not be around to see the full benefit this investment will bring. That is the cold truth. We must embrace this investment whether it be 5 miles away in our neighbouring city or on our doorstep.

If, in 10 years time I am doing that very same run, I hope to see a prosperous a vibrant area. I hope to follow that road to Paull and see, to the west, factories and offices providing jobs and hope for the local population and to the east the green arable countryside we are so fond of. These two extremes can live side by side. They must, for the good of our children.

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