Open letter on NHS reforms from Graham Stuart MP

THIS WAS sent to us as an open letter from Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness. Published here for purposes of debate:

11 April 2012

Dear Sir,

Now is the time to celebrate the renewal of our National Health Service under the Conservatives. In East Yorkshire we know the realities. With a rapidly aging population and many elderly people in isolated locations the NHS has to be made more efficient and decisions brought closer to patients.

That is why this Government has taken action and cut the number of people waiting over 18 weeks for treatment to the lowest level ever. Mixed sex wards have been reduced by 95%. 15,000 administrators have gone and more than 4,000 doctors have been taken on. Hospital infections are at their lowest ever level. More than £8 billion has been saved by cutting waste while every penny has been reinvested in patient care.

But this isn’t enough. As well as real terms budget increases (which only the Conservatives have pledged) the NHS has to be reformed. That’s why we passed the Health and Social Care Act. Now doctors, not bureaucrats, will drive local health care, patients will have more information and control and public health will be enhanced. Two whole tiers of bureaucracy are being abolished, saving more than £4.5 billion in this Parliament, and ten years of lost productivity under Labour will be reversed.

The NHS faces formidable challenges but, renewed by the GPs in our local Clinical Commissioning Groups, we can be confident that, under the Conservatives, the NHS will meet those challenges and provide a better service than ever.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Stuart MP

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