Humberside PCC Candidate – Godfrey Bloom – UKIP

GODFREY BLOOM is standing as a UKIP candidate for the election of Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner:

In policing terms the public regard the following as high priority and I agree with them:

  • Rural crime against the farmer, horse rustling, illegal fly-tipping
  • Anti-social behaviour blights lives and communities
  • Drugs destroys lives and families
  • Retail crime – I have been speaking to the police and shop owners for years on this subject, it is not taken seriously
  • The cuts from the Conservative led coalition. We cannot afford cuts to our frontline policing, this in itself is a criminal act

I am asked what are my priorities for policing, they are:

  • To ensure that the chief constables take shop-lifting seriously. At the moment shop-lifting under £25 is given a crime number and not attended by police. It will be under my leadership and will be one of my top priorities.
  • To stop the motorist being persecuted by the police by banning speed cameras except in blackspots and outside school. These unnecessary persecutions by the police are driven by income for councils and has damaged the trust between the public and the police
  • To challenge the notion of ‘hate crime’. I will not allow pressure groups or minorities to get priority. If a Pakistani owns a newsagent and he is attacked, he will get priority from my police because he has been a victim of a violent crime, not because he is part of a minority and not discriminate against any group regardless of colour, sexuality or religion.
  • To press for the abolition of the Human Rights Act because this foreign based EU law has led to victims being persecuted, not the criminal.
  • I will campaign to bring back the death penalty for child, serial and police killers and murder in furtherance of a robbery. A new category of crime ‘Murder One’
  • Drug crime – I do not believe the state funded ‘rehabilitation’ of heroin users by continuing their addiction through substitutes. They must be helped by abstinence and when they are convicted they must not have access to drugs in jail, full stop. I want a cross-party re-appraisal of drugs by a Royal Commission.
  • To stop the revolving door of repeat offenders by locking them up for longer, prison works
  • Life should mean life, not a ‘get out of jail free, half price card’ for good behaviour

Lastly, why I think it is important for people to vote in these elections:

  • I am not a professional politician, for 35 years I worked in the private sector at a senior level running budgets. I was in the territorial army and reluctantly went into politics to campaign to leave the EU and defend our country. I am standing for these elections because I believe I have the winning team, my running mate is Mike Speakman, former Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside. No other team has our expertise of business, uniform, serving our country and politics. The tragedy for Humberside is that a vote for the Tory will split the UKIP/Tory vote, allowing Lord Prescott to slip in by the back door. I implore people who believe in decency and law and order to vote for me. I believe that the people of Humberside are against the Lord Prescott sponsored Human Rights Act, who also failed to halt anti-social behaviour. It is his fault that we have police cuts because his government bankrupted our country. Please do not vote for this man. He had thirteen years to make your lives better. He failed.


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