Humberside PCC Candidate – Matthew Grove – Conservative

MATTHEW GROVE is standing as a CONSERVATIVE candidate for the election of Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner:

I have one priority – to cut crime. I will challenge head on the cycle of re-offending, supporting tougher community sentences so justice is seen to be done. I will always put victims ahead of criminals.

I will free our police from unnecessary bureaucracy and targets. Their priority will be to cut crime and catch criminals. I will recruit more Special Constables to be deployed directly in our communities, and look to maintain numbers of PCSOs.

This post is not about politics, I am not a professional politician wishing to play on the national stage. I have not claimed expenses for mileage or food for the past three years as a Councillor. I have never travelled first class and will never do so at the taxpayer’s expense.

I live and have my company in East Yorkshire after growing up in Lincolnshire. I have a successful track record of working with members of all political parties, voluntary groups and local residents.

We must take the fight to the criminals, not just deal with the aftermath. We know who the habitual criminals are and where they live. We must target them instead of allowing them to target the innocent.

For those whose drunken, anti-social behaviour blights our streets at night I will be looking to charge them for the cost of the police time spent dealing with them.

I will support effective rehabilitation and the fantastic work of those who help offenders re-join society. Continuing a life of crime can no longer be the easy option. We should help offenders who want to turn their lives around and not tolerate those who choose to make other people’s lives a misery.

Preventing crime and re-offending is most effective when all the related services work closely together alongside our communities, so that offenders don’t fall through the gaps that can exist between organisations.

I want to ensure that there is no hiding place for criminals and that all parties together focus on reducing crime. I will protect investment in projects which have a proven success rate but will not waste money on rewarding criminals.

I would be the Police and Crime Commissioner for the whole of East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire as well as for Hull – a strong, local, independent-minded voice serving all residents and working closely with the public, chief constable, police officers and other organisations to make our neighbourhoods safer.



Twitter: @MGrove4PCC


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