Humberside PCC Candidate – Paul Davison – Independent

PAUL DAVISON is standing as an INDEPENDENT candidate for the election of Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner:

I am passionate about policing – that is why I am standing for election to be the first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Humberside.

My vision is a simple one:

‘ Safe and confident local communities served by local officers solving local problems putting you – the public – first every time ’

I see this as a unique opportunity for you to have a much greater say in what you would like the police to do for you. As the elected PCC, I would make this happen.

I believe that I am well qualified to be a credible PCC. I am a truly independent candidate. I understand policing based on thirty years varied experience that taught me how to see things from the public’s perspective and to act accordingly. I have investigated many high profile murder cases and been responsible for successfully tackling serious and organised crime.

However, some of you reading this might be asking the question – how can an ex-police officer properly represent the views of the public and truly hold a Chief Constable to account? It is a valid question.

My answer is that as a senior police officer, I held strong beliefs about putting you, the public, first. Much time was spent asking residents what they wanted from the police.

As a direct consequence, fundamental changes were made to the way policing was delivered. This different and untested approach worked and residents of East Riding benefited from some of the lowest crime rates in the country and officers went the ‘extra-mile’ for the public on a daily basis.

Implementation required determination, hard work, changing culture and a belief that it was the right thing to do for the public. As the elected PCC, nothing would stop me holding any one to account if you were being let down.

As the elected PCC, I would be responsible for appointing the next Chief Constable. I would be looking for someone who shares my raised ambition for Humberside Police to be the best force in the country delivering the best service to local communities.

My Promise.

I will be available at all times to help, support or give advice to any resident. For example, if you are unhappy with the service provided by the police, you will be able to contact me directly and I will act on your behalf to resolve the matter quickly to your satisfaction.




Twitter: @pauldavison4pcc

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2 Comments on Humberside PCC Candidate – Paul Davison – Independent

  1. Just the person we need, I believe that the P.C.C. should understand the police force and know how it works. Every day we see politicians pushed into positions of which they they have no knowledge i.e.Prescott.

  2. You need to say you were a policeman BEFORE saying you investigated murder cases. Could be interpreted as independent investigation!

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