Humberside PCC Candidate – Simone Butterworth – Liberal Democrat

SIMONE BUTTERWORTH is standing as a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT candidate for the election of Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner:

Vote for me – my first act would be to cut my own salary.

Too many politicians are out of touch with people like you and me. They just don’t understand the problems we face on a daily basis.

Personally I feel that the idea our Police Commissioner will be paid the massive sum of £75,000 a year is outrageous. Other candidates disagree.

That’s why, if I am elected as the new Police Commissioner, my first act would be to cut my own salary.

I will use the money saved from my salary to support charities across Humberside that help victims of crime and I want your suggestions of which charities these should be. If you visit: you can make your suggestions.

Many people don’t even know that an election for a Police Commissioner is happening. But the winner will have huge power over local policing – so your vote really matters.

I am standing because I believe:

  • Policing should be fair and independent, with no political interference in operational policing
  • Policing should respond to and reflect the needs of local communities, which will vary across Humberside
  • At a time when there’s precious little money to go around, every available penny should be spent on front-line policing, reducing offending and supporting victims of crime

With over 15 years experience as a local councillor representing the community where I live I believe I have the skills and experience to get the job done.

I have proven record of championing local people, and getting things done. I have worked in social care with a variety of clients, including looked after children and adults with mental health issues. I have a proud record of volunteering for the local community –

I’ve volunteered for Dove House Hospice, Aids Action and caring for older people.

This isn’t a job for an aggressive national politician whose priority would be scoring party-political points against the Government. Local policing is too important for that, our policing is too important for that.

Above all, I want local Policing to be accountable to you – listening, responding to local problems, and keeping local communities safe. If elected as your Police Commissioner I will make sure that happens.

If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at e-mail:




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