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4 Comments on Preston Parish Council – New Office

  1. Today (04/06/13) an Enforcement officer from East Riding Council visited the Parish Council Office in order to confirm the breach in their Planning Condition.

    I am pleased to say the Enforcement Department of East Riding Council have now written to the Parish Council and requested that the council comply with the condition.

    So we may soon see the office painted.

    • Hi Carol

      There would be no point in writing to the council as a reply would not be forthcoming, I have as a consequence written to the enforcement department of the Planning Authority and requested them to enforce the condition.

  2. I would like to add to my last comment recently made on the ‘Community Engagement Debate’ post, the picture shown on the above post is that of the new council office to the rear of the community hall on Main Street, Preston.

    Planning permission for the new office (DC/12/02404/PLF/EASTSE) was approved on 15th August 2012.

    The first condition of that approval was,

    “Within 3 months of the date of this permission the container shall be painted dark green and thereafter retained that colour, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority”.

    To date (29/05/13) some 10 months after approval the office has not been painted and there does not appear to be any prospect of it being painted in the foreseeable future, the Parish Council is therefore in breach of that Planning Condition.

    I fail to see what is so difficult about organising the job. There may be a number of possible reasons including the council’s inability to organise such a task or lack of interest in complying with the condition or the unavailability of dark green paint or the lack of respect the council has for such conditions imposed on them by the Planning Authority. Whatever the reason if the council have no ability to organise this simple task there can be little faith in their ability to ‘engage with the public’.

    It begins to make a great deal of sense why the council find it so ‘tricky’ to engage with their own residents!

    I suspect the office will remain unpainted until such time as the council are pushed or shamed into painting it, unfortunately that’s how our Parish Council operates.

    These are the same people who complain about residents not complying with conditions of their Planning Approvals, a very clear case of double standards!

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